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I started writing on Medium in 2019 as a student, and I’ve been amazed with the support and curiosity readers have for food, science and nutrition.

Now fast-forward to 2021, I am a registered dietitian-nutritionist and have expanded my knowledge working freelance for inspiring nutrition & food start-up companies & even dipping my toes into the world of private practice nutrition counselling!

With each connection I make with people, I’m always keen to hear and answer questions about food, nutrition and even science in general.


P.s — don’t share any personal health information and know that this forum is for education and entertainment purposes only. For individual medical or nutrition advice, please consult a doctor or a registered dietitian.

Should you hop on the latest Tik Tok nutrition trend?

Liquid chlorophyll is undeniably aesthetically pleasing, but do the health benefits match the visual appeal?

“It makes my cells so stoked” says one creator on Tik Tok, enthusiastically showcasing her morning routine of putting 6 drops of a dark, green liquid into a tall glass of water.

Another creator reports that “this stuff is great for digestion, inflammation and overall immunity” as she swirls the dark green, opaque drink with a metal re-suable straw.

This mesmerizing, dark green drink has liquid chlorophyll in it — and is the subject of the latest trend amongst Gen Z on Tik Tok.

The health claims swirling on Tik…

Oats contain a type of prebiotic fiber that may improve gut health | Photo by Jocelyn Morales on Unsplash

The first consultation I ever had with a patient in the gastrointestinal surgery ward was for flare-up of crohn’s disease, a severe type of irritable bowel disease that resulted in surgery.

He was a few days post-op after a small bowel resection, a type of surgery that removes inflamed parts of the small intestine.

Our goal was to progress the patient to clear fluids, but his stomach remained bloated and had no signs of normal gut function (gas, bowel movements etc.). …

Have a nutrition question? Ask a dietitian here!

This week’s nutrition highlights

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There has been a lot discussed in the nutrition space about our biological clock when it comes to food and nutrition. Read the article here to learn when you should, and shouldn’t eat.

To keep you full, satisfied and powered-up throughout the day

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“Wait, isn’t snacking bad”?

This is a question I often get as a registered dietitian. But the truth is that healthy snacks can, and should be part of a healthy and normal diet.

Snacks get a bad rap from the ultra-processed “snack foods” found in convenience stores and grocery shelves, but snacks made with generally whole foods can:

  • Fulfill your protein needs, especially if you are following an exercise routine or living an active lifestyle
  • Decrease cravings and ravenous hunger, resulting in more balanced meal intake later in the day
  • Increase intake of fiber, vegetables & fruits, to help stabilize…

Everyone wants to know what foods to eliminate, but at what cost?

Photo by Polina Tankilevitch from Pexels

The search phrase “food sensitivity tests” returns over 235 million results on Google. These results are heavily populated with advertisements for different at-home food sensitivity testing kits, desperately trying to sell a solution to the searcher’s query.

While well-intentioned, these food sensitivity tests are not all chalked up to what we think they may be. Outside of allergy testing, science does not yet have the ability to tell us exactly what we should and should not eat.

While some methods of identifying and ruling out food sensitivities could…

What nutrition science — and real life — has to say about our biological clock and it’s relation to human health

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There is a saying that “what doesn’t get tracked doesn’t get managed”. Usually referring to how we schedule our work day, exercise routines or spending, tracking metrics can help us maximize our time, measure performance and identify opportunities to improve.

But what about nutrition? Nutrition tracking applications to quantify macro and micronutrients are nothing new. …

Gluten-free, a prebiotic and sustainable? Count me in.

Image by Pexels from Pixabay

The world of alternative flours appears to be expanding each week. From rice, coconut, buckwheat, sorghum to everything in between, there is definitely no shortage of different flours to choose from.

Whether it’s for an individual living with celiac disease who is looking for a gluten-free alternative or a food scientist looking for a shelf-stable ingredient, the differing nutrition profile of these flours can help increase the diversity, and creativity of the foods available to us.

The newest addition to this roster? Enter banana flour, a tropical flour which has notable health…

Hey, It’s Kristen from Not Kale Salad — editor of Mediums’ only evidence-based nutrition publication.

In case you missed it, here are the highlights from this months nutrition articles so far.

Image from Pixabay.
  • Did you know that our gut houses over 100-trillion microbes, and outnumber our human cells 10:1? Scientists often consider our gut microbiome to be so complex that they refer to it as a “microbial organ”.
  • Although our gut microbiome plays a role in immune-defence, there is no food which will boost or optimize our immune-system.

Read the full article here.

  • Plant-based diets do not necessarily mean vegan or vegetarian…

Kristen Eleanor

Registered Dietitian & Freelance Nutrition Writer

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